Denise Bingley,CEO HCSRRD
Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
Denise Bingley RN
BNSC, BNSc (hons),
MNSc (Advanced Practice)
Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
  I have experienced a privileged career in Nursing and Health across diverse locations and settings nationally.
My Professional Membership and Networking Framework has placed me in position to experience, and contribute to nursing development at a State and National level.

I conducted my BNSc Honours at James Cook University and during my Masters I conducted a research project on Triage within a rural Emergency Department in Qld.

Over the past 10 years I have focused on clinical work in Emergency Settings in Rural, Remote, and Very Remote Locations.  This has included sites where I was the sole practitioner, or as a member of a multidisciplinary team within the emergency department.

Today my focus is on ATSI, NDIS, Disability and Aboriginal Community Controlled Services as they move toward self-determination and self-governance.It is my belief that you cannot fully appreciate community issues unless you have experienced working within poorer disadvantaged communities.Indigenous peoples are often misunderstood, and can suffer undue discrimination because of that.
Cultural Competence, Safety and Respect is the key element for all persons involved in the care.Only then can you understand the need, and the need to explore the solutions that the community themselves have already come up with.