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HCSRRD aims to partnership with Aboriginal Peoples' and Aboriginal  Controlled Communities to establish partnerships and engagement, to build capacity, experience, and excellence in community members in pursuit of
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The Communities
Honour and Respect is shown to the Community Landholders, their Peoples,  their Ancestors, their Culture and Traditions
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Community Management Committee
Crucial partnering to ensuring we are working together to achieve the same goal.  This committee will become the drivers who develops the community corporate governance framework that leads to self-determination and
self governance.
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Community Primary Health Service
We will offer solutions to ensuring emergency services are appropriate for stablisation and retrieval, and that patient flow is efficient and appropriate. 
GP / OPD Clinics  are separate to emergency care, although adjacnt to each other.  Triage is pamount to good PHC, and persons' doing the triaging
MUST be competent in the process.
Renal Chairs
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Our Community Custodians
HCSRRD will support the changes necessary to implement the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model of Care to support a whole-of-life transitional framework of health, illness, and wellbeing for Aboriginal Peoples' longeviy and long-term community living
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Community Health Service & Programs
Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
Health Consulting Services Review Restructure Development
Copyright remains with Indigenous Peoples and original authors, actors and reporters, and NOT with HCSRRD.  Used here as appropriate Indeginous Health as Best Best Practice and in support of Shared Partnership Education.  Denise Bingley RN BNSC, BNSc (Hons), MNSc (Advanced Practice)