Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
Rules of Tennancy For Safe and Healthy Living
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1. Keep your house clean and tidy at all times
2. Have a clean kitchen and an area for food preparation
3. Keep food stored in cupboard or fridge to protect from vermin
4. Perishable foods like butter, fish, chicken or milk must be kept in fridge
5. Report any non-working household items to your housing department immediately as they gan be replaced or repaired
6. Batroom and toilet must be cleaned and in good working order to prevent spread of infection
7.Dispose of waste daily or more frequently if required, in garbage bins provided, ensuring they are placed for emptying on the appropriate days
8. Keep garden / yard mowed and cleaned from rubbbish, old cars, trees and garden waste
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Rights & Responsibilities of Leasee
1. To have a safe, efficient environment that is regually maintained
2. Normal wear and tear repairs will be fixed by the Department of Housing
3. Each  house has a maintenance plan to conduct repairs, maintenance and painting
4. You will be advised in advance when you need to provide access to staff from Housing so they can inspect your rented property
5. Should deliberate damage occur to the property, you will be totally responsibile for the repair costs
6. If the damage is caused by a vehicle, you must advise the Housing Department of the details of the driver of the vehicle, and their car registration and insurance details
7. Costs will be recoverable from the driver of the vehicle
Rental Costs
1. On Housing Department web page there is a calculator to access your elegibility for public or community housing, and will enable you to determine the costs of fortnightly rental.
2. Each person > 16 years are equally responsibile to contribute to 25% of total household income, thus decreasing the amount payable by any one person
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