The Australian health system is free of racism and inequality and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have access to health services that are effective, high quality, appropriate and affordable. Togther with strategies to address social inequalities and determinates of health, this provides the necessary platform to realise health equality by 2031.
Large systems are bureaucratic by nature,  being made up of multiple layers,  and siloed sections. Communication is a key element to access,  entry,  or service advise. Planning is becoming beyond the scope of even experienced consumers.
H C S R R D, will advocate and Aid you in navigating complex health systems and government departments.

H C S R R D is committed in partnership with you and your significant others for Person-specific needs, to break down barriers and navigate systems to achieve optimal, self-centred outcomes.
Community health services
Community health services generally comprise multidisciplinary teams of health and allied
health professionals and aim to protect and promote
the health of particular communities
who  experience  barriers  that  impede  access  to  private  sector  primary  and  community
health  services.
State  and  Territory  governments
are  responsible  for  most  community  health  services.
Those  serving
Aboriginal  and  Torres  Strait  Islander  communities  are  mainly  the responsibility  of  the  Australian  Government
(though  State  and  Territory  governments
provide some funding). Of these Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary healthcare services,  around  60  per  cent  are 
community-controlled  or  managed  -  planned  and governed  by  local  Aboriginal  and  Torres  Strait  Islander  communities.
H C S R R D provide a range of assessment services taIlored to meet your health and / or health related  justice needs.Solving complex, complicated assessments for people with challenging issues that make it difficult for them to solve in mainstream health care. Coordinate your needs to ensure you get your needs met, and place you central to your health planning and ongoing management.
This may require the completion of significant paperwork to a number of differing departments to establish a clear clinical picture on which to base your decision making.
Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
Health Consulting Services Review Restructure Development
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