Data Management
We can help you to help yourself by using, and if necessary improving your community specific databases, or alternative can provide a user-friendly database already developed to collect your required indicators. This database can be easily adjusted on-site to include community speific data requirements.  This database if used nationaly, has the potential to improve statistical data collection across remote and very remote locations.  
HCSRRD  absolutely believes that the linking of two worlds in partnership to truly engage is the best way to move forward from the mistakes of the past to excellence in establishing a whole-of-community transition to self-determination and self-governance.
HCSRRD staff know a key element to success, is having correct, reliable data (information) to justify the effort Aboriginal Peoples' put into their performance must underpin each step in moving forward to self-reliance.  Our strategy is to build  peoples' experience into competence with technology and data-base management, to enhance community capability to build and mainain safe,  accuate, reliable, data aross community controlled services, which will inform infrastructure, health, justice, and financial management
Governments and communities must collect specific data to inform health determinans, targets, priorities, and additional information related specifically to Aboriginal Populations.  In  addition to this each community may have a number of specific indicators to collect. 

Communities also must collect data related to performance, such as building and maintenance, water, sanitation, sewerage and waste management, electricity and /or reliable alternative supply (Diesel generator), roads, and infrustructure to inform governments and  funding bodies, budget planning and expansion, in preparation to move from a purchaser to provide model of funding
Data Collection
Data Management
It is our intention to up-skill a community member with a geuine interest in communication, technology and data management during the implementation phase.  This person will have ongoing assistance and support with our technological expert.  Each database will be established and sercured so that it can only be acceessed by the individual community for whom it has been installed.  Authorised access will only be enabled by the expert Technology Data Manager as per local policy.
HCSRRD has the capability to provide a community specific, user friendly mysql database, developed to include all the relevant indicators required for community reporting and control.  Each area will have a site speific database for example primary health service, community health service and programs.  These databases will compliment other government data input such as immunisations.
This is where self-deterrmination begins.  Without a good data system we cannot identify and monitor what is that we are doing in making a difference to the peoples' lives, or the community progress.  Let your peoples' and community become a shining light in excellence nationally, by celebrating what we have achieved together
Data Reporting
The database will be set to automotive reporting monthly, quarterly, and annually.  The Technology Data Manager will be trained and supported in report extraction
Denise Bingley BNSc: BNSc(Hon.): MNSc(advanced practice)
Linking Two Worlds into One, in  Remote & Very Remote Locations